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We make use of a traditional technique of the Takaoka lacquerware. ☏ +81-766-23-2151

Amanoshikki Inc.

Exploiting our traditional technique of Takaoka Lacquerware which has been cultivated since our inauguration in 1892, we have been dedicating to design products matching modern life. We also develop our products always keeping in mind to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes.


Raden Glass

Raden glass is suitable for a modern lifestyle due to its translucency and warmth of the glass, and mysterious brightness of the abalone shellfish.


We would like to suggest adopting our wooden tray to your everyday life, especially when you get a cup of tea or dishes for your guest. These are quite popular gifts among our customers as a present for celebration and for a memento.

Small Box and Jewel Box

Our sophisticated small boxes are able to create a Japanese impression as you put your accessories or wristwatch you use every day in the box. Since the size of boxes is wieldy, it is a suitable gift as souvenir in foreign countries or as ordinary presents.

Letter case

These are handy cases to store your important documents, relics, and letters which enable to design graceful “Japanese beauty” in your study. Also these letter cases enjoy wide popularity as a memento of company and a gift from voluntary groups.


Our interior lacquerwares adopting modern taste enable to direct the space to make your mind calm and relaxed. These interiors which are famous for housewarmings and personal gifts naturally suit with both Western and Japanese styled rooms.


Our tableware offer you more pleasant dining table if you use them properly by the scene such as place of hospitality and place of conversing. Also we would like to suggest you use them as a gift for the people took care of you.

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Product introduction video
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